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Odijk (Bunnik)
Hi, this is the account of [Buddies]-HandicapNL. If you have any questions about any of our help questions, send me a message!
My experience:
Every year we offer hundreds of new friendships throughout the Netherlands and work towards an inclusive Netherlands.

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    Recommendation from: Eveline

    Received on: 23-08-2022
    We had a nice introductory meeting and I'm going to support them
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    Recommendation from: Nadia

    Received on: 03-12-2021
    I got a nice and quick response. The follow-up of my registration was also handled very quickly.
  • Profile picture of Danielle

    Recommendation from: Danielle

    Received on: 06-12-2020
    Had a very nice conversation with Nanne regarding the request for help she is committed to and decided to work with her. So don't hesitate if you are also interested!
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    Recommendation from: Mariska

    Received on: 30-06-2020
    Contact went well, got in touch quickly and everything was agreed and arranged quickly.
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    Recommendation from: an Xvoorelkaar user

    Received on: 29-06-2020
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    Recommendation from: Karin

    Received on: 05-05-2020
    Nice initiative. Little effort.
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    Recommendation from: Hannah

    Received on: 05-05-2020
    The contact was fast and clear!
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    Recommendation from: Natasja

    Received on: 29-04-2020
    Quick response.
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    Recommendation from: Maike

    Received on: 28-04-2020
    Sending a card to a disabled person who now has much less contact and visitors is a small effort, and the directions are very easy to follow. Also fun to do!
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    Recommendation from: Daisy

    Received on: 25-04-2020
    Very friendly and nice contact via email.
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