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For many young people, friendship does not come naturally. Young people with disabilities find it difficult to build up a social life. It is often logistically difficult for young people with a physical disability to go out on their own and to mingle with other young people, and young people with a mild intellectual disability often experience bullying, lack of understanding and social exclusion. And that while friendship is one of the most valuable things in life. Pleasant shopping, an evening at the cinema or sports together. Many of these young people with disabilities indicate that they feel lonely.

[Buddies] was created to combat loneliness. [Buddies] strives for a world where everyone is equal, where no one is left out and where it is perfectly normal to be friends with someone who is slightly different. We create lasting, equal friendships between young people with and without a disability. We match them carefully, by looking closely at their interests and personalities.

Every year we offer hundreds of new friendships throughout the Netherlands and work towards an inclusive Netherlands. We offer these friendships through 2 different programs, a program for young people (https://handicap.nl/buddies/buddies-met-een-fysieke-grens/) with a physical disability and a program for young people with mild disabilities. intellectual disability (https://handicap.nl/buddies/buddies-clientbuddy/).

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Friendship is a basic condition of happiness. Buddies of HandicapNL believes it is important that people with a mild intellectual disability are not lonely, which is why [Buddies] inspires young people with and without disabilities to share the best of themselves with each other. After all, you experience the best moments together. You do all kinds of fun together
activities such as walking, going to the cinema, eating together, exercising or shopping. The starting point is lasting and sincere friendship based on equality.

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