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Profile picture of Florin

Offer from Florin


Hello, I just moved to the Netherlands, in Woerden, and I want to give something back to the community while also keeping my hands busy...

Profile picture of Gaby

One-on-one support - Helping Hand


For whom: For children and adults with a mental, physical, psychological and/or sensory disability, chronic illness and behavior that r...

Profile picture of Inloophuis

Walk-in house 'Living with cancer'

Inloophuis 'Leven met kanker'

Are you dealing with cancer, at any stage, with yourself or with people in your immediate environment? Does a cancer diagnosis turn you...

Profile picture of Jenny

Offerings from Jenny


At the moment I have time left, which I would like to use for others.

Profile picture of Dylan

Offerings from Dylan


because it is good for society to do something voluntary for once. I don't really care what I do if it's fun

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Profile picture of Coordinator Stichting

Staying chronically ill

Stichting Logeerhuis Bredius

For whom? People with a chronic incurable disease or condition who receive care from informal caregivers can stay with us. Think of peo...

Profile picture of Noa

Offer from Noa


Hello, I'm Noa an enthusiastic and eager to learn student at the Hogeschool in Leiden and I like to help others in my spare time, liste...

Profile picture of Van Dijk

The Black-backed Gull

Stichting de Mantelmeeuw

For whom? People who are in the last phase of life. What can you contact us for? Support at home by expert volunteers to replace or su...

Profile picture of Liz

Liz's offer


I would like to help my 30 hour school internship where needed.

Profile picture of Barbara

Barbara's offer


Giving back to those less fortunate. I want to step in for a few hours a week and help. E.g. in teaching.

Profile picture of Lieke

Offer from Lieke


i like to help someone. For example helping older people with activities so that I can give them a nice day or help with animals.

Profile picture of Alzheimer Cafe

Alzheimer Café region Woerden

Alzheimer Cafe Woerden

Are you or do you know someone with (starting) dementia and do you need contact with others in the same situation? The Alzheimer Caf&ea...

Profile picture of Lotte

Lotte . offer


I am a very social girl who likes to make other people happy. I like socializing and chatting with others. I also like to help other pe...

Profile picture of Ellen

Offer from Ellen


Like to do something together, do business or just be there, be healthy in body and limbs and have a hands-on mentality. Questions are ...

Profile picture of Netwerk

Autism Info Center (AIC) Woerden

Hart voor Woerden

For whom: for people with autism in any form, and for their environment. What you can come here for: to obtain information, to recei...

Profile picture of Netwerk

Alzheimer Café Region Woerden

Hart voor Woerden

For whom: for people with (starting) dementia, their partners, relatives, friends, interested parties and care providers. What you c...

Profile picture of Lina

Offerings from Lina


it is nice for everyone if they get extra help, it gives you a nice feeling when you help others (so you have also made a good contribu...

Profile picture of Margo

Offer from Margo


I am now cutting back on my current job so that I can do more for society. I am an optimistic team player, but I can also be used 1 on ...

Profile picture of Arjel

Offerings from Arjel


It's my internship for school and I like to help people with things!

Profile picture of Ontmoeting


Stichting Ontmoeting

For whom: For adults with multiple problems and their children. What you can come to us for: For people who offer a listening ear, a...

Profile picture of Liza

Offer from Liza


Hi, I'm Liza. I am 15 years old and would like to find a nice internship. I think it is very nice to work with people. My internship m...

Profile picture of Isa

Offerings from Isaac


I am available on weekends and during the week except Monday and Tuesday. I have school Monday to Friday

Profile picture of Daniëlle

Offerings from Danielle


Hi! I am Danielle. I am 14 years old and I have to do a social internship for school. I like to help as many people as possible during ...

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