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Profile picture of Maryam

Do you want to be my buddy?


Hi, I am a man of 42 years. I live on Selmalagerlöfweg. I have an acquired brain injury from a car accident. I am of Moroccan d...

Profile picture of Gwendolijn

Offer from Gwendolijn


We came to live in Harmelen 4 years ago with older children. I would like to do the things I like to do with people in my immediate liv...

Profile picture of Gaby

One-on-one support - Helping Hand


For whom: For children and adults with a mental, physical, psychological and/or sensory disability, chronic illness and behavior that r...

Profile picture of Oumaima

Offer from oumaima


I would like to help others so that they can eventually achieve their goals.

Profile picture of Elise

Offer from Elise


Hi, I am looking for an internship for my MaS. I am in 4vwo at Minkema College in Woerden.

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Profile picture of Noa

Offer from Noa


Hello, I'm Noa an enthusiastic and eager to learn student at the Hogeschool in Leiden and I like to help others in my spare time, liste...

Profile picture of Iris

Offerings from Iris


I would like to do something for someone else because I know from experience how nice it is when others are there for you. I have exper...

Profile picture of Liz

Liz's offer


I would like to help my 30 hour school internship where needed.

Profile picture of Jarno

Jarno .'s offer


I have to do this for a school internship, but I think it would be fun to do, because hopefully it will be fun with the other people wh...

Profile picture of Marlo

Offer from Marlo


Social internship for school. I would like to work with animals or activity guidance or nanny.

Profile picture of Lisa

Offer from Lisa


Hello! My name is Lisa and I go to school in Woerden. This year I have to do a social internship for school. In total I have to find an...

Profile picture of Luca

Offer from Luca


I really want to help people because that's how I am once, and I'd like to do something I can work on for 30 hours to complete my inter...

Profile picture of Lotte

Lotte . offer


I am a very social girl who likes to make other people happy. I like socializing and chatting with others. I also like to help other pe...

Profile picture of Ellen

Offer from Ellen


Like to do something together, do business or just be there, be healthy in body and limbs and have a hands-on mentality. Questions are ...

Profile picture of Margo

Offer from Margo


I am now cutting back on my current job so that I can do more for society. I am an optimistic team player, but I can also be used 1 on ...

Profile picture of Tess

Offer from Tess


My name is Tess and I enjoy working with children. For my social internship from school I would like to help 30 hours where needed.

Profile picture of Gwen

Offerings from Gwen


Because I like to help Mesen and make them happy with something I can do for them

Profile picture of Arjel

Offerings from Arjel


It's my internship for school and I like to help people with things!

Profile picture of Henk

Offer from Henk


I am a circus teacher and I attended circus school Hannes in Woerden. I want to contribute to the shelter of Ukrainians. I can provid...

Profile picture of Joke

The Intuition

De Instuif

Stichting De Instuif is a leisure club for adults with intellectual disabilities. The club is held every Tuesday evening from September...

Profile picture of Daniëlle

Offerings from Danielle


Hi! I am Danielle. I am 14 years old and I have to do a social internship for school. I like to help as many people as possible during ...

Profile picture of Amber

Amber's offer


I have to do an internship for school and I already love nature, so that also works out nicely. And this seems to me the easiest and mo...

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