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Profile picture of Naomi

Offer from Naomi


I do the Social Work course and refugees and helping others are often discussed topics. Now I have to do voluntary work for an organiza...

Profile picture of Oumaima

Offer from oumaima


I would like to help others so that they can eventually achieve their goals.

Profile picture of Anass

Offer from Anass


I'm doing this for social internship. I don't care what I do, if only what concerns me.

Profile picture of Dylan

Offerings from Dylan


because it is good for society to do something voluntary for once. I don't really care what I do if it's fun

Profile picture of Lisa

Offer from Lisa


I have to do a social internship for school. I would also like to help with activities and contribute to society.

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Profile picture of Joris

Joris's offer


I like to help other people. And I like to help out at events.

Profile picture of Casper

Offer from Casper


I would like to help the Ice Rink in Woerden for my social internship. I like sports and I am good with people.

Profile picture of Willemijn

Offer from Willemijn


I am looking for a social internship for school together with a friend. We have to do a total of 30 hours of internship and we have alr...

Profile picture of Liz

Liz's offer


I would like to help my 30 hour school internship where needed.

Profile picture of Lieke

Offer from Lieke


i like to help someone. For example helping older people with activities so that I can give them a nice day or help with animals.

Profile picture of Tijl

Offer of style


I was asked by school to do a social internship. I think it would be fun to help others on the ice rink.

Profile picture of Ellen

Offer from Ellen


Like to do something together, do business or just be there, be healthy in body and limbs and have a hands-on mentality. Questions are ...

Profile picture of Lina

Offerings from Lina


it is nice for everyone if they get extra help, it gives you a nice feeling when you help others (so you have also made a good contribu...

Profile picture of Luisa

Luisa's offer


Hey I'm Luisa, I'm 14 years old. I am now at 3 MAVO and I am looking for a social internship. Hence this account!

Profile picture of Margo

Offer from Margo


I am now cutting back on my current job so that I can do more for society. I am an optimistic team player, but I can also be used 1 on ...

Profile picture of Tristen

Offerings from Tristen


For the social internship at school I like to get in touch with companies, I would like to gain experience with this. My interests lie ...

Profile picture of Arjel

Offerings from Arjel


It's my internship for school and I like to help people with things!

Profile picture of Jesse

Jesse's offer


For school I have to complete a 30 hour social internship, I think it would be nice to do this with sports. I myself am a member of spo...

Profile picture of Henk

Offer from Henk


I am a circus teacher and I attended circus school Hannes in Woerden. I want to contribute to the shelter of Ukrainians. I can provid...

Profile picture of Michel

Offer from Michel


I think it would be great to support fellow citizens here and there. I'm social, optimistic, thoughtful and I think I'm quite sociable ...

Profile picture of Thirza

Offerings from Thirza


I am Thirza and I like to work with children and to keep moving myself. I am often available in the evenings. And if I can do this inte...

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