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Profile picture of Quinten

Offer from Quinten


I want to help people who need help without getting anything for it.

Profile picture of Sharon

Offer from Sharon


I would like to work as a volunteer on a farm, I have experience with livestock, I have worked at a children's farm for 8 & half ye...

Profile picture of Tot

At your service

Tot uw Dienst

To your Service provides practical help for jobs that are too small for a professional and that cannot be arranged within your own fami...

Profile picture of Ellen

Foundation Present Woerden

Stichting Present Woerden

Present bridges the gap between people who have something to offer and people who can be helped with that. As a broker in volunteer wor...

Profile picture of Yoeri

Offer from Yoeri


I would like to help others. Since I'm home a lot and I want to do a little more, it seemed like a good idea to combine this with volun...

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Profile picture of Noa

Offer from Noa


Hello, I'm Noa an enthusiastic and eager to learn student at the Hogeschool in Leiden and I like to help others in my spare time, liste...

Profile picture of Joris

Joris's offer


I am in VWO4 and will do my social internship this year. For that I am looking for a nice place for 30 hours in total.

Profile picture of Joas

Joas's offer


I have some more free time after I graduate. I would like to use this time usefully for people who can use it.

Profile picture of Jarno

Jarno .'s offer


I have to do this for a school internship, but I think it would be fun to do, because hopefully it will be fun with the other people wh...

Profile picture of Jeanne

Offer from Jeanne


Hi all, I would like to be of service and help with practical tasks, such as presenting with organization, helping people where a job n...

Profile picture of Nio

Offer from Nio


this has to be done for school i don't mind doing this

Profile picture of Lotte

Lotte offer


because I feel sorry for people who don't have that much money. and I want to help people with that.

Profile picture of Jasmine

Offerings of jasmine


because some people don't have enough money to pay for certain things so I want to help.

Profile picture of Tristen

Offerings from Tristen


For the social internship at school I like to get in touch with companies, I would like to gain experience with this. My interests lie ...

Profile picture of Senne

Offer from senne


because I feel sorry for the people who can't do that

Profile picture of Jill

Offerings from Jill


Hi, I'm Jill and I'm at Kalsbeek college. I would like to do a social internship and help people.

Profile picture of Michel

Offer from Michel


I think it would be great to support fellow citizens here and there. I'm social, optimistic, thoughtful and I think I'm quite sociable ...

Profile picture of Rien

Offer from Rien


34 years allotment horticulturist stops 1-1-2022. help the Andersen school with their vegetable gardens and I have already been to see ...

Profile picture of Daniëlle

Offerings from Danielle


Hi! I am Danielle. I am 14 years old and I have to do a social internship for school. I like to help as many people as possible during ...

Profile picture of Jada

Offerings from Jada


I like to help, with animals, with people, with children. I like it all. Can I Help You?

Profile picture of Fiona

Offer from fiona


what I would like to do I have just entered and why? I have been unemployed since April 30th and would feel useful to offer my help whe...

Profile picture of Jolanda

Jolanda's offer


Because I no longer do paid work, I am looking for unpaid work. For now I am mainly looking for practical work with the hands and no he...

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