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Who has access to my personal data?

Your personal data is yours. If you share your personal data with us, we are obliged to ensure that it remains secret. That is why we do not just give your personal data to third parties.

Social Care Network

Social Care Network is a network of local websites where supply and demand in the field of volunteer work, neighborly help or both come together. This network comes together on the national platform Anyone can offer help or request help via the local websites (our affiliated partners) and the national website and thus come into contact with each other.

An example:
You live in Meppel and place your offer on the website. The offer can then be viewed by others on the website, but also on in the Meppel region. This way you have a better chance of finding what suits you because you not only reach people who use Meppelvoorelkaar, but also people who use the national platform NLvoorelkaar.

The local organizations together with the Social Care Network are responsible for the protection of personal data on the local websites. These local partners only have access to personal data of people who fall within the region of the local website. An overview of all local partners can be found here >

Visitors to our website

If you place a question or an offer on the website, people can immediately see this call on our websites. It contains your first name, your profile picture and the region in which you are making the call. Your surname, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number are in the system and can be viewed by employees of the website. We never share that information with other organizations or individuals. We first ask for your permission for this.

You can also register without putting your offer online. You can then respond to the questions of others, but your profile is not visible to others online. You have less chance of a match.

Who else has access and why?

We never sell your data to other organizations or individuals. However, there are other organizations that can access your data. We now explain who they are and why we need these organizations.

IT service providers

IT service providers are companies that make sure that our websites work, that people can see the websites and that we can send emails. They also ensure that we can notify you of new messages that you have received.

Media agencies and advertising agencies ensure that we can show you advertisements that suit you. They do that with cookies. We only collect these cookies if you have given us permission to do so.


We regularly ask other organizations to help us better understand volunteering and community support. This way we can make our websites even better and ensure that people always find something that suits them. We exchange data from the matching platform with partners such as universities. We do not exchange personal data, unless you have given your written permission first. We must request this permission from you separately.

API partners

We use so-called API links. An API is a kind of technical conduit. This allows us to better match supply and demand. Via an API we send current questions and offers to websites with which we have an agreement. These are partner websites such as neighborhood platforms, social assistance counters and welfare organisations. These websites show the content to their visitors. If someone can help or wants to be helped, this visitor is referred to the national platform of NLvoorelkaar or a local website (our affiliated partners). This person can get in touch with you there. In this way we reach many more people and people with a profile on one of our websites have a much better chance of a match.

The API partners and their websites never receive your last name, date of birth, email address and telephone number. They will only receive your question or offer, first name and region (no address!). This is the minimum information needed to find a suitable match. If you remove your question or offer from us, it will also disappear from the linked websites.

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