How do you use this platform?

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How do I post a question?

Do you need voluntary help or a volunteer? Then you're in the right place on this platform! We collect all supply and demand in the field of volunteer work and doing good.

You can easily and for free post a question on this platform:

???? For yourself
????????For someone else, like your grandmother or a client
???? For your social organization (post a volunteer vacancy)

How do you post a question?

Placing a question is very easy:

  1. Create an account or log in
  2. Click on your menu at the top right (on your name) and then on 'My (help) questions' or 'My vacancies'
  3. Click on 'Post a question' or 'Post a vacancy'
  4. Fill in the form step by step and you're done!

What happens next?

Your question or volunteer vacancy is shown on the platform. We will also send it by matchmail to volunteers who match your question.

If interested, people can contact you directly. They will send you a message , about which you will receive an email.

Have you come into contact with someone and do you want to make an appointment? View the tips for meeting & meeting safely here.

Tip for a good question

Of course we have collected some good tips for you to get even more reactions:

Lots of success

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