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How do I find volunteer work that's right for me?

It's good that you want to start working for others! You can easily find something that suits you through our websites! How? Read more below.

Find a nice help question near you!

Via the homepage you can use the search bar to view the help questions in your area. Click on ''I want to help'' and fill the bar with 'Where?' in. Here you enter your zip code or place of residence. Then click on search. The help questions in your area are displayed. In the left row you can also enter the radius by sliding the bar. This is possible within a range of 1 to 50 km. If you search within a radius of 20 or 50 km, no questions will be shown on a local site that fall outside the region of the site. You can also select the categories that suit you in the left row. The website automatically updates the help questions shown.

Have you found something that suits you? Create an account as a volunteer and send the requester a message!

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Post an (help) offer so others can find you!

By placing the offer of help, you indicate where your interests lie. For example, you can indicate how often and with what you want to help someone.

Recommended for you

On the site we try to bring supply and demand together as well as possible. For this we match users with each other by means of e-matching . This is an advanced system and uses, among other things, place of residence and interests. This way, help questions or vacancies are automatically searched for that match your wishes. You can find these recommended help questions and vacancies via your personal menu via 'Recommended for me'.

Take the TEST on NLvoorelkaar

Do you want to volunteer but don't know what suits you? Not surprising because there is so much fun you can do! We developed a unique volunteering test to help you choose which volunteering is right for you. Discover it below!

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