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What agreements do you have to make when you get started?

If you have contact with someone via the platform, it is smart to agree on what you will mean for each other. That's how you get off to a good start!

The tips below are for anyone who is going to start volunteering or help. You can read tips for help seekers here.

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The most important thing in an introductory meeting is of course getting to know each other. Does it click between you? And of course: does it fit in your agenda?

You can discuss this with each other:

  1. What exactly is being asked: what does it entail and what experience/knowledge/skills are needed for this?
  2. How often do you work? For how many hours? And for how long? It is often nice to have a 'trial period', after which you can both decide to continue for another period.
  3. How much flexibility is there? For example, are there fixed times or days?
  4. Who is responsible if something goes wrong? Or how do you solve that together?
  5. How do you keep in touch? Mail/app or something else? And how often?

And if you start working for a volunteer organization, you can also inquire about this:

  1. Who is your manager?
  2. How are you guided?
  3. What are the training/development opportunities?
  4. How is volunteer insurance arranged? What are the conditions and exceptions?
  5. Which expenses are reimbursed (hourly allowance, travel expenses, etc.)?
  6. What diplomas or other official documents are required?

And last but not least:

Lots of fun!

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